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  • Do I have to pay shipping or can I pick up my order?
    Unfortunately, Colony Art Collective does not have a storefront yet so we do not offer local pickups for all orders. One could possibly be arranged for those living in South Charlotte, if you email the owner at, but it is not guaranteed. All orders placed through our website and charged with either standard shipping or local delivery.
  • How do I know the artist of each artwork?
    All of the artists' names are listed in the description of artwork. You can also search for each artist and their work specifically in the 'filters' section on the 'shop' page.
  • How do I commission a piece from a Colony artist?
    If you find an artist you love enough to request a commission, you can either contact them through their social media channels listed in the bio of the 'artist' page or you can email and we will connect you.
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